What inspires and moves us...

Leadership and collaboration

"Here are some amusing examples that clearly show how problems and challenges can be solved effectively in a team."


"A short introduction to mediation. I like it because in three minutes you learn what our job is all about."


"Flow is very important for us. We experience flow, for example, in music and in our work with clients."

Spiral Dynamics

"Spiral Dynamics was an eye opener for Peter. He has been doing Spiral Dynamics for more than 15 years and uses it in most of his work."

Transactional analysis

"We love this video because in a few minutes you get an understanding of the basics of transactional analysis (TA). TA is a fundamental model in our work as mediator(s)."

Team development

"This video describes the process of team development in a great way. It's an old video, but still very powerful."

Psychological safety

"Short and precise how fundamental psychological safety is and how we can achieve it. Explained by THE expert for it. Great.