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Peter Binetsch

Captain and pilot

I am Peter Binetsch, the captain of Collaboration Pilots.

I have been accompanying people and teams in difficult situations for over 15 years. As a qualified coach and mediator, I have the map to guide people out of the shoals of destructive collaboration. Especially in the field of information technology, I have been familiar with the shoals for over 20 years.

I love conflicts. Resolving them brings people together.
Whenever collaboration gets stuck, I will unstick your boat and put it under sail so that it can set sail for success again.
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Michaela Hillmann

Guide for organisational development and creative lateral thinker

Our time is characterised by growing complexity and constant change, which must be shaped. This requires quick reactions, clear goals, ideas and a supporting hand. I accompany and motivate people as a creative lateral thinker in sustainable change.

Since 2002 I have been accompanying people and organisations on their journeys of change and possible transformation.

My focus here is on working closely with the different stakeholders, developing strategies and designing and implementing change with the existing resources and strengths of the system.

Teresa Komeyer

Expert for strategic human resources development

My passion is accompanying people with sustainable, innovative personal development concepts and coaching (live/virtual).

Since 1994 I have been facilitating trainings, workshops, coachings and team developments - now also with animal support from my coachdog Lizzy.

My goal: to create a framework for performance - to discover potential and develop new skills. 

Stephanie Sitzmann

I support companies in achieving their goals by training employees' skills and addressing the company's systemic processes.

My main areas of expertise are:

• Leadership development -conception and 
• Development of sales departments
• Creation and implementation of Train the 
   Trainer concepts

A unique perspective on the dynamics between people and their work environment.

Measure what really matters - and really changes

ValueMatch offers online assessment tools and accompanying services based on the ideas of Spiral Dynamics and Reinventing Organizations. Where other tests and research are based on behavior, our instruments measure underlying value systems. This enables us to uncover the dynamics between people and their workplace and so empower employees, teams and organizations to function better.


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