Collaboration Check

Is your agile coach no longer able to effectively reach or advance the team through his methods and processes? Is productivity decreasing and general dissatisfaction increasing?

With our specially developed Collaboration Check, we unerringly find the trigger points to get the team moving again.

Focus Workshop

Are the discussions in the team getting longer and longer and are they perceived as tough?

Are decisions made only hesitantly or over-hastily? Are the signs no longer to be overlooked?

With our lively workshops and fresh methodology, we bring your team back to an optimistic attitude and result-oriented collaboration.

Mediative support

Does your team argue or avoid any confrontation, e.g. by remaining silent? Is there a negative working atmosphere?

With a holistic view of the situation, we can offer intensive mediative support to resolve the conflict in a constructive and humane way.
In the process, the team itself finds solutions in order to be able to concentrate fully and motivatedly on the work again.